Pasive sampler

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We have just recovered, after a year of immersion, the last passive sampler of the four placed in the aquaculture testing facilities of Mendexa and in the buoy of Donostia (https://www.euskoos.eus/es/red-oceano-meteorologica-de-la-cae/boya-de-aguas-profundas-de-donostia/). These devices accumulate, continuously and without the need for an energy source, the chemical contaminants present in the water such as organochlorine pesticides, which despite being normally found in very low concentrations in the marine environment, can have harmful effects on both the environment and human health. AZTI has worked with NIVA (https://www.niva.no/) in the framework of the European project JERICO-NEXT (http://www.jerico-ri.eu/) for its placement in our waters. NIVA coordinates the placement of several samplers like these in different European coasts.


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