The use of numerical models supported by observations to forecast present, future and past state of sea conditions (currents, temperature, salinity and wave swell) is required in EuskOOS environment coasts and seas, for different practical applications involving physics, biology and geology. Greater outreach and interpretation of data obtained is also required, on a routine basis, designed to render a service and proximity consultancy (intermediate users) providing added value to higher scale systems (“Copernicus Marine environment monitoring service”) and to Basque Society, Administration and fisheries, as well as marine and maritime sectors in general.
To achieve this, work is in progress to optimise and implement a hydrodynamic model with a forecast horizon of 96 hours for the entire Basque coastal area. Operational outputs of this model will soon be available.

Numerical models: Salinity and buoys dispersion on surface

Numerical models: currents and temperature on surface

Example of numerical simulation of Basque coast currents:

Landsat image of Google Earth and adequate graphics based on the project earth nullschool