The availability of a wide safe offer of different types of energy is one of the strategic priorities in developed societies. The actual energy infrastructure accounting for major CO2 emissions hinders and raises the price of compliance with the fight against climate change targets and as it still has a long useful life, severely jeopardises them.

According to the Basque Energy Strategy 3E2020, the renewable energy target is to cover 14% of the total energy demand by 2020 in the Basque Country. Regarding marine energy in relation to the Basque coast characteristics, resources available in the Basque Country are: wave energy and floating offshore wind energy. The projections for 2020 include an installed power capacity of 60 MW for wave energy and of 50 MW for floating offshore wind energy.

To achieve these targets, the following is essential:

Ente Vasco de la Energía – EVE
Área de ensayos de energía marina de Armintza- bimep

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