Over the last few years, the Directorate of Emergency and Meteorological Services (DAEM), Basque Government, has verified that the availability of ocean-meteorological data series of high density and quality has allowed them to improve the knowleadge refered to relevant aspects such as the influence of some variable in the increase or decrease of damages or the improvement of the prediction associated to the marine variables, without forgetting the improvement of the warning service, alerts and alarms directed to the population according to the dangerousness and the risk of the moment.

The data of EuskoOS are sent in real time to the Basque Meteorology Agency, Euskalmet, where an exhaustive monitoring of emergency situations by coastal maritime risk (bad weather, galernas, etc.) is done:

Among the functions of the DAEM in the field of Emergency Care are the execution of the missions and their performance, and competencies of the Department of Security derived from the provisions of Law 1/1996, of April 3, on Emergency Management, and its complementary legislation.

Specifically it corresponds to:

  1. Encourage the creation and development of means and resources of any order aimed at responding to possible emergency situations in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.
  2. To develop the necessary measures to guarantee the attention to incidents in territorial waters corresponding to the maritime coast, and the execution of the legislation in matter of marine rescue.
  3. The planning, monitoring and maintenance of the hydrometeorological network and the information quality of the network.
  4. Develop policies and products of meteorological and climatological information suitable for public services (civil protection, road safety, etc.) as well as for the various sectors and economic activities in which climatology and meteorology have special relevance (agriculture, fishing, etc.). ).

Example of product for the management of emergencies by risk of overflow by strong waves