History, area description, interest of measured parameters

est_zarautz_cKOSTASystem station was installed in Zarautz in 2010 as part of a collaboration agreement framework signed between Zarautz Town hall and AZTI to facilitate the acquisition of coastal process information along the largest beach of the Basque coast.
Video-monitoring systems applied to coastal areas such as KOSTASystem developed by AZTI are based on photogrammetric techniques which enable the processing of an oblique image into a flat metrical one.

KOSTASystem station installed in Zarautz since 2005 is a pioneer in the implementation of video-monitoring techniques to predict flooding by wave swell of the promenade. To achieve this, instant images as well as time-staged images are generated. Time-stacked images are the result of accumulating rows of pixels from a predefined transect over a certain time period.

The forecast capacity and correct characterisation of overflowing and flooding require detailed analysis in zones where these processes are a risk, to determine specific characteristics of the combination of sea level and wave swell which maximise such phenomena.

The KOSTASystem station provides highly valuable information for prevention and management of extreme events leading to overflowing and flooding caused by wave swell.

List of sensors and parameters

  • Camera takes instant images and time-stacked images;
  • 4 profiles crossing the promenade perpendicularly in relation to the coastline at different elevation points; and
  • 2 seconds between frames and integration time of 20 minutes

Real Time Data (RTD)



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