estacion litoral_cHistory, area description, interest of measured parameters

The MO station of Bilbao is located at the end of Punta Lucero breakwater on the outer side of the Abra Port of Bilbao. This was the second station to begin operation in the Basque MO network in 2003. Bilbao station is representative of the marine and atmospheric conditions of the Western Basque coast.

From the atmospheric standpoint at Bilbao station a highly differentiated seasonal pattern can be identified. During autumn and winter, Southerly and South-easterly winds prevail (with strong gust intensities due to the relief of Nervión estuary catchment area); while northerly winds are common in Spring and Summer.

List of sensors and parameters

  • Wave sensors (wave height and period)
  • Sea water temperature at 5 depths
  • Sea free surface height (tide)
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Air temperatura
  • Wind direction and intensity
  • Visibility
  • Solar radiation

Real Time Data (RTD)