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EuskOOS is the Basque coastal operational oceanography system operated by Euskalmet along with the expert advice of AZTI technology centre. This system envisages three purposes:

• providing an accurate description of current sea conditions along the Basque coastline;
• offering ongoing forecasts of future sea conditions; and
• supplying ocean-meteorological products to Basque coastal users.

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European Project LIFE LEMA, LIFE15 ENV / ES / 000252 (http://lifelema.eu):

During the JUVENA campaign, carried out by AZTI and IEO, 47 wooden boats were launched in the open waters of the Bay of Biscay (~ 45.5º N, 4º W). More than half of the boats have reached the islands of Ré and Oléron in France. The newspaper SUD OUEST has published a story about it.

These last days have been days of equinoctial tides, the most lively tides. The tide, the astronomical one, is the deformation of the fluid surface of the sea, as a result of the forces of gravitational attraction between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

Every 10 years an important event returns to define the new challenges in ocean observation. This 2019, the OceanObs19 conference aimed at “Improving the response to the scientific and social needs of an integrated ocean observation system suitable for that purpose.” AZTI has been present in this edition that has been carried out in Honolulu, representing EuskOOS, EuroGOOS and the work carried out by AZTI in projects such as JERICO-RI and LIFE LEMA.

North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre European Project LIFE LEMA, LIFE15 ENV / ES / 000252 (http://lifelema.eu): During the RADPROF campaign of the IEO, carried out in August, 120 wooden boats have been launched in the waters of the Galicia Bank and in the open waters of the North Atlantic (~ 43º N, 15.40º W). The objective is to study the possible trajectories of marine litter towards the Portuguese coast, its intrusion into the Mediterranean or its drift following the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre.

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Maritime Rescue Awards

European Project LIFE LEMA, LIFE15 ENV / ES / 000252 (http://lifelema.eu): The LIFE LEMA Consortium’s effort with the collaboration of all of you during these last three years has been rewarded with the second prize of Maritime Rescue in Category II, for being a sensitization initiative for the conservation of our seas. Thanks to everyone! http://www.salvamentomaritimo.es/premios-salvamento-maritimo-ods14 And we still continue with it, after paradisiacal destinations such as Madeira and the Canary Islands, the boats are now arriving in Portugal. But many continue to navigate the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic looking for new adventures….